Slipstream ~ If an object is inside the slipstream behind another object, moving at the same speed, the rear object will require less power to maintain its speed than if it were moving independently.

These are some new practices and some of their results that I hadn’t expected so soon. They began with intentional exercises in self-care and are already beginning to shift into habits, effortless and essential rituals. It’s incredible to me how often I’ve made lists with these exact intentions, even painted some of them with watercolors and put them on my fridge. Yet they never happened. There is something greater than me at work right now, there is no other way to describe it. It’s as though I’ve stepped into a slipstream.

~ going to sleep early

~ not looking at my phone if I wake in the night

~ getting out of bed right when I wake up

~ journaling first thing

~ listening to podcasts instead of watching netflix

~ reading inspirational blogs

~ moving my body gently, yoga, stretching, sun salutations

~ sharing my writing

~ taking part in an online recovery community

~ hot herbals teas, hot water with various combinations of lemon, raw honey, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, ginger, turmeric

~ whole foods, regular mealtimes, recognizing low blood sugar and caffeine limits

~ essential oils in my diffuser, on my body

~ hot, hot baths

And what I’ve noticed ~

~  less social anxiety than before, not more as I had feared

~ fewer fucks given, not having to protect or keep secrets; integrity

~ every decision  feels like a genuine one, isn’t clouded in confusion or uncertainty

~ my mind feels as though it’s settling, not having a man stirring it up…the ripples are easing into a stillness that feels SO good

~ no longer feel overwhelmed by a full mailbox or piles of laundry

~  more willingness and energy to give; to take my friend to get her spinal injections at 7:30am, with no hesitation

~ the ability to jump to pick up my sick girl when she needed me, and  plenty of energy to go to the store, cook, and care for her

~ the impulse to remove all my jewelry, all my nail polish, buff my bare nails, comb my hair and put it in a bun, go without make-up, only shave what I like to have shaved, to   strip down to the essence, and  feeling simply beautiful.



3 thoughts on “slipstream

  1. xomorgsxo

    Hi Sarajane,

    Absolutely love this post. Even though we are almost 20 years difference in age, I can so relate to alot of what you say, and with having used men, substances etc to run from who we truly are. I found that once I got sober, and stripped down to who I really was, I got so much more confidence. I enjoy just being me, in my sweats, with tea, no makeup on, and proud! You go girl, xo


    1. Thank you I’m glad you can relate!! It’s such a relief to simplify and discover what really makes you happy isn’t it? It’s like carving away the excess. I’m looking forward to reading your blog.


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