Oils for Emotions & Healing 

These are a few of my “must have” oils:

Frankincense – This most precious all around go-to oil for cell renewal, brain function, anxiety, stress, depression, memory, goes into my coconut oil facial moisturizer and scrub, on my chest and neck whenever I’m dousing myself (it blends well with any other oil), and in my bedside diffuser at night. When in doubt use Frank.

Balance Blend
– I use Balance when I feel wound up, overwhelmed, unfocused, or scattered, and need to ground myself. I put a few drops in my palms, cup then over my nose and take deep breaths, then rub it on my chest and neck.

Clary Calm
– Thus clary sage blend is good for balancing your hormones and everything related to hormonal fluctuations: stress, pms, peri-menopause, cramps… I use it daily on my lower abdomen, wrists, heart, and the back of my neck on most days. 

Citrus Bliss
– This uplifting, happy, wake-up, abundance blend is like sunshine in a bottle. It goes on my wrists when I need some motivation and pep.

Ylang ylang
– My favorite scent, an exotic floral that reminds me of China Rain from the 80’s, it’s so yummy and just makes me feel happy. It’s good fir reducing anxiety and depression and goes on my wrists, neck and chest daily.

– For grounding, I mix a few drops in massage cream and rub it into the souls of my feet when I get into bed.

– Cedar is grounding as well and smells like a sauna, it goes in the diffuser at night.

– This is the oil for everything and if you only buy one oil I’d start with lavender. It’s calming and promotes restful sleep, good for your skin in general and also for bites, burns, or scrapes. It goes into my diffuser at night and into my facial products.

I hope this introduction is helpful! If you’re interested in these or any other oils please message me and I’ll hook you up ☺️

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